Skincare and Beauty Products



Green Envee has created a proprietary blend of plant actives and high potency herbs that work from the inside out. They combine high potency herbs paired with the perfect plant-based cosmetic actives to produce a science-based performance and a gentle touch. With a target and time release, the active ingredients penetrate the skin’s cells exactly where they can produce the most powerful results. Green Envee only uses fresh cosmetic ingredients with small batch processing to ensure potency and effectiveness.



Eyenvy is a lash conditioner serum that uses a special formula of vitamins and peptides to encourage eyelash hair growth across your lash line and even your brows.


Price: $86 

Jade Tool and Roller

Daily Concept's Jade Tool and Roller works as the perfect stimulator for renewing the skin by flushing out the lymphatic drainage and increasing blood flow, both of which are essential for radiant healthy and vibrant skin. 

Price: Jade Tool $22 and Jade Roller $22